jook-joint-2-of-5_60195e1d1cJook Joint #2

Image Comics

Written by Tee Franklin

Art by Alitha E Martinez

Colors by Shari Chankhamma

Letters by Taylor Esposito

Jean Pierre has spent years terrorizing his family. He has beaten his wife and daughter on several occasions and now he will face retribution from the spirits of women who have been wronged by men just like him. When one asks if she can kill the man, Auntie steps in and tells her that if he’s going to die, then his Heloise has to be the one to kill him.


Heloise herself finds herself back at the Jook Joint and is having a good time with her friend Freddie when three of Auntie’s Sirens lure away three men determined to hurt Freddie for being gay. In the aftermath, Heloise is taken to Mahalia’s lair where she witnesses her girls dispensing their style of justice. When Heloise asks to join in, she is warned off and a conversation with her daughter puts her desire for vengeance and justice into question.

Tee Franklin does a great job of telling a story that is layered both in its plotting, but also in its characters. Mahalia could easily be relegated to caricature, but she is given depth that hides a hidden pain that I hope continues to be explored in this story. Heloise is also given a level of character development that makes her relatable to other women who have been in similar situations domestically and her reaction after talking with her daughter is understandable and makes her more sympathetic. This story takes the reader down some dark roads where there are no easy answers.

The art by Alitha Martinez is amazing. Not only does it complement the writing exceptionally, but there are panels that move and flow like the music being depicted in the scene.

jook joint #2




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