Excellence #7

Image Comics

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Khary Randolph

Colors by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Spencer begins the next phase of his plans, but his every move is being watched.

Using a spell to duplicate himself, multiple Spencer’s go out into the world to take care of some personal business before the next phase of his plan can begin. Taking to the streets in multiple directions, Spencer’s movements are dogged by enforcers of the Aegis who want to catch him doing something wrong. As the Spencers move throughout the city, an enforcer named Hill begins working on Spencer’s defenses at his home.


Spencer decides to visit some of the people close to him including his mother and see the potential consequences of the actions he is about to take. Undeterred, he tries to convince his friend to help him in his fight, but taking down a system that powerful proves to be a scary prospect for everyone and Spencer might have to go it alone.

The Story: Brandon Thomas pulls the story back from the bigger arc and makes this issue about Spencer’s personal journey. The story is all about the character and how his actions are either going to affect the people around him or how their actions show some of the consequences he could face going forward. There are some powerful messages throughout this issue about the trappings of power and how corrupt and corrupting systems of power can be. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Khary Randolph delivers some beautiful visuals throughout this issue. The style is amazing and the progression of panels throughout the issue is pitch perfect to the mood and theme of the story itself.


Excellence #7




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