Undiscovered Country #6

Image Comics

Written by Charles Soule and Scott Snyder

Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Leonardo Marcello Grassi

Colors by Matt Wilson

Letters by CRANK!

The Rundown: It’s a race to the Aurora gate and not everyone will make it.


With the Aurora Gate looming as the ultimate prize, the forces of Uncle Sam and the Destiny Man converge on the location with the team caught in the middle. Both sides are getting closer to their goal, but Pavel has decided to take up a different mission. One that will see him working to liberate the people captured and enslaved like he was. When he finally gets in touch with the rest of the team, he tells them to go on while he continues his fight at the top of the gate.

Getting closer to their goal, Destiny Man deploys a surprise that will seat him at the entrance before the rest of the team gets there. If they have any chance at all, the team and especially Charlotte will have to learn to trust Daniel again. As they get closer to their prize, a tragedy will rock the crew and the rest of their mission will be left to chance.

The Story: Big ideas blended in with huge action and adventure, Soule and Snyder continue to impress with this series. There are things that happen in this story that were completely unexpected. The whole issue felt like a roller coaster ride and Pavel’s journey only enhanced the overall story. Just when one mystery is solved another one pops up and I cannot wait to see where this strange and engaging takes the reader next.

The Art: Camuncoli and Marcello Grassi have mastered both the big, surreal world of this United States, but the art perfectly captures the madcap energy and tone of the story with art that is dazzling.

Undiscovered Country #6




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