excellence-1_dc0dddcf2cExcellence #1

Image Comics/Skybound

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Khary Randolph

Colors by Emilio Lopez

Letters by Deron Bennett

Young Spencer Raymond Dales has been born into a world of magic, power and legacy and all of it is at risk when he questions the rules he lives under.

It’s a moment of pride for both Ray Dales and the community when he presents his son to them. The pride begins to fade when the boy doesn’t manifest his powers or show any magical prowess as he gets older. His lack of skill leads to an intense conversation between his parents about the legacy of the family and how his shoulders are bearing the brunt of it.


Spencer continues to work hard despite his father’s lack of support and he finds that the key to his power is the burning rage inside him. A rage his father uses to break him and build him into something that can be used by the sacred order that they all belong to. A society where people like Spencer are used to both guide and protect the destinies of others with their power. A society he may have to turn against when a personal tragedy forces young Spencer to question his mission, his legacy and the limits and rules of his power.

Right out the gate, Brandon Thomas does an amazing job of setting up this world, its rules and elements of its history. What makes the story more engaging is Thomas does an equally amazing job of creating and crafting the characters that will challenge that world going forward. Spencer and his grandmother are compelling characters both alone and when they interact. That dynamic is something I want to see explored as well as the legacy that Ray is trying to protect. There is a lot in this first issue to take in, but the pace of the plot and the dialogue make it an immersive experience that the reader can dive into and pick up from the first few pages.

Khary Randolph’s art is beautifully detailed. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds looks amazing. The action is engaging and fluid. The character designs are fantastic and perfectly complement the story.

Excellence #1




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