the-batman-who-laughes-5-coverThe Batman Who Laughs #5

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jock

Colors by David Baron

Letters by Sal Cipriano

Bruce’s connection to Gotham is what the Batman Who Laughs wants to exploit and with his latest revelations to the Dark Knight, he just might win after all.


Bruce’s connection to Gotham is showcased in the beginning of this intense issue as a childhood memory becomes the key to unlocking the Last Laugh protocol.

Batman is pinned down by the police as Batman Who Laughs has killed another Bruce Wayne in front of the guards as Blackgate. In order to Bruce to escape, he has to embrace the darkness coursing through him and completely terrify the officers trying to kill him. It’s a really dark and scary scene. At the same time, Jim fights to escape from the Grim Knight and his BWL supplied Robin’s. As they hunt the commissioner through the sewers of Gotham, James Gordon finds his injured father and manages to get him back to the cave.

As Batman Who Laughs makes a surprise visit to the Court of Owls to enlist their help in the next part of his plan, Batman and Alfred clash when a video recording of the Batman Who Laughs convinces Bruce that his enemy’s plan might be the best option for the city.

Scott Snyder ramps up the action, thrills and terror in this issue as the madness that is infecting Batman continues to affect his actions. Snyder continues to both compare and contrast the acts and plans of both characters in a perfectly balanced issue that finds an interesting way of making the reader root for both characters in small ways. The Court of Owls interlude is one of the best parts of this issue and it is handled brilliantly by both Snyder and Jock.

Jock’s art is beautifully brutal throughout the issue and matches the style and tone of this story perfectly.

The Batman Who Laughs #5




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