061945ec-sg_cv30Supergirl #30

DC Comics

Written by Marc Andreyko

Art by Kevin Maguire

Inks by Sean Parsons

Colors by Chris Sotomayor

Letters by Tom Napolitano

Betrayed and enraged, Kara wants revenge and justice for the dead on Krypton.


Kara is confronted by Gandelo and finds out the truth from Znd’r. As the man pleads for her to understand, all Kara can think of are the days that she has been traveling with him and the moments he had to tell her the truth. The constant goading from Gandelo doesn’t help the situation and Kara decides to shut her up with a fist to the face.

In the ensuing fight, Supergirl and Gandelo match blow for blow as the Circle member tries to end the Kryptonian once and for all. Kara gets increasing angry as the fight ensues and she decides to call on Rogol Zaar’s axe to help her finish off the woman who ordered the destruction of billions. It’s an act of pure rage and it is going to take the unlikeliest of allies to get to her stop from making the biggest mistake of her life.

For all the buildup from the arc, this part of it is a little disappointing. I expected more from the confrontation between Supergirl and Gandelo and the resolution leaves too much in the air. Andreyko does make the issue entertaining in dealing with Kara’s connection to the axe, but the rest of the story from the confrontation with Znd’r to the resolution of the conflict with Gandelo just felt flat. I wish there was more that I could connect with.

The art by Kevin Maguire as really good, but the visuals had a tone that seemed lighter than the tone of the story called for.

Supergirl #30




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