Elvira Mistress of the Dark #12

Dynamite Entertainment

Wreitten by David Avallone

Art by Dave Acosta

Colors by Walter Pereyra

Letters by Taylor Esposito and Rieanna Bates

The Rundown: Elvira and the Soul Survivor face off against the return of Vlad the Impaler and his not so brave followers.


An army of nerd cultists have successfully summoned a demon to Earth. Unfortunately, this demon is Vlad the Impaler and he has history with the Mistress of the Dark. With the Soul Survivor by her side, Elvira must make a new plan if they are to survive this latest encounter and that plan will be to persuade the demon that they are on his side as he looks to build an army to conquer the planet.

To make matters worse, Vlad is unimpressed with the army that is gathered and decides that he will feed on everyone in sight. Fortunately, Elvira discovers something about Vlad’s presence and how she can use it to regain her darkness. It’s going to take all the tools in Elvira’s considerable arsenal if she’s going to beat this demon and send him back to Hell.

The Story: This series is consistently fun and funny. David Avallone wraps up this arc with style and the final panels are incredibly funny. Elvira’s personality continues to come through with each page and the dialogue continues to be crisp, sharp and smart. The plot is fantastic and all of the characters, especially Elvira are compelling. I can’t wait to see where this story and the character go next.

The Art: Dave Acosta brings some phenomenal visuals for this issue. Everything and everyone looks great and the action is fantastic. A great looking issue that is filled with gorgeous details and fun.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark #12




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