Elvira: Mistress of the Dark #10

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by David Avallone

Art by Dave Acosta

Colors by Walter Pereyra

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: Elvira is weakened and taken to a hospital where she will be changed by who and what she encounters in its walls.


Elvira has been taken to a local hospital after being weakened by her encounter with an authentic witch’s broom. After being brought into an operating theater, the cult members who kidnapped her perform a ceremony that drains all her darkness.

Feeling the effects of no longer being “on brand”, the former Mistress of the Dark” teams with a billionaire vigilante to stop them and restore her back to the icon she was.

The Story: I liked this issue a lot. Avallone continues to write Elvira’s dialogue in a way that I can hear the cadence and voice of Elvira herself. It is funny and does a brilliant job of lovingly skewering superhero comics with nods to characters like Batman and others. This series continues to be fun, funny and engaging while taking some playful digs at comics with a healthy amount of innuendo and fourth wall breaks.

The Art: Acosta does an amazing job of making Elvira look as awesome as possible. Everything from the characters to the backgrounds looks awesome as well as the art complements the pace and tone of the story.

Elvira Mistress of the Dark #10




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