Dying Is Easy #2

IDW Publishing

Written by Joe Hill

Art by Martin Simmonds

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by Shawn Lee

The Rundown: Comedian Syd Homes is going to discover that it’s hard to be a man on the run in no shoes.


With a fellow comedian dead and Syd as the prime suspect, every cop in the city is after him and some are itching to take him out for good. Knowing the danger he’s in, Syd decides to pull a daring escape as the wolves gather at the door. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to dress and the former cop finds himself on the run in his bare feet.

Quickly falling back into cop mode, Syd makes a series of calls to find out who else was at the club that night and might have a beef with the slain Carl Dixon. When his investigation leads him to a local pawn shop and the owners two sons, the ensuing chase will be tough on the former cop and his choice of footwear will make it equally hilarious.

The Story: After the heavy, yet satisfying first issue, Joe Hill lightens the mood with this new issue, but doesn’t lose any of the edge the story has established with its characters and plot. Syd continues to be a compelling character with a past that I want to see explored. The plot continues to move with a brilliant mix of humor and a gritty, noir style vibe. I enjoy the pace of the story and how it goes from one extreme to the next as it crafts and builds its world.

The Art: Martin Simmonds offers some beautiful art in this issue. The character focused moments look amazing, but the action is fast, well done and intense. The final page is beautifully fun to look at.

Dying Is Easy #2




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