Dune: House Harkonnen #1

BOOM! Studios

Written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson

Art by Michael Shelfer

Colors by Patricio Delpeche

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: The powerful houses of the Landsraad scheme as the emperor works on something that will change the universe.

On the planet of Giedi Prime, young Gurney Halleck will discover the cruelty of the Harkonnen government first hand when his innocent trip late at night results in the loss of someone close to him at the hands of Harkonnen guards. At the same time, Baron Harkonnen feasts with the regent of Arrakis who is secretly scheming with the emperor to create something that will change the face of the spice trade in the galaxy. The emperor himself believes that his Bene Gesserit wife is scheming against him by refusing to produce a male heir.

On the planet IX, the former heir to the throne schemes with loyalists to take back the planet from the invaders using it to create something for the empire. At the same time, Duke Leto Atreides continues to learn the ways of leadership while gifting his loyal friend Duncan Idaho something that will help him in his training to come. While Reverend Mother Mohiam prepares young Jessica for her future.

The Story: An entertaining story with some great character moments for fans of the characters and the world of Dune. The story does a great job of bringing out familiar characters, but there is a definite lack of the actual Harkonnens in the story beyond a brief appearance by the Baron. The story serves more as an introduction to the other conflicts in the world of these characters and I am interested in seeing how the writers tie them to the machinations of the Harkonnens.

The Art: Shelfer has a unique visual style and does a great job of crafting the visual world of these characters with panels that show the scope and scale of these different and unique worlds.

Dune: House Harkonnen #1



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