Drawing Blood #1

Image Comics

Written by Kevin Eastman and David Avallone

Art by Ben Bishop, Kevin Eastman and Troy Little

Colors by Brittany Peer

Letters by Taylor Esposito

The Rundown: A cartoonist finds his life falling apart as his former partner puts him face to face with the mob.

Shane Bookman was a talented, driven and successful cartoonist who loved his craft. Now he’s practically a burn out living off drugs and the promise of success from ventures he doesn’t really care about. When he discovers that his partner and mentor is dead, he feels bad. When he discovers that same mentor embezzled millions from their company, he feels worse.

Desperate to find answers, Book is given the chance to go back to something he loves, but his anxieties get in the way. Anxieties that will bring him face to face with men who his partner owed money to and who expect Book to pay back.

The Story: Eastman and Avallone deliver an entertaining noir thriller with an interesting and engaging premise. The world of the story is intriguing and I really enjoy the characters a lot. There is a extra bit of joy in having the character live in the world of comics and seeing him deal with not only the dark side of success, but also how that success has pulled him away from the things that gave it to him. I look forward to seeing more of this world.

The Art: All of the artists deliver compelling visuals throughout the issue. The story is dark and gritty with the feel of a dark thriller and the art perfectly captures that tone.

Drawing Blood #1



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