Star Trek: Defiant #14

IDW Publishing

Written by Christopher Cantwell

Art by Angel Unzueta

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Defiant crew fights to save one of their own as Spock investigates a bigger threat.

Torres has been infected with the parasites and is attacking Ro and the others. While Ro goads her crewmate into fighting against the infection, Nymira deals with her own issues, including her addiction. Worf manages to restrain Torres and Spock tries to mind meld with her in order to stabilize the creature’s take over.

After discovering the scope of the parasite’s plans and their actual location, Spock goes looking for something in the depths of the derelict starbase. Hugh attempts something dangerous that could help their friend while Sela arrives and discovers something is very wrong with the crew of the Defiant.

The Story: Cantwell continues to deliver a tense and entertaining story in this issue. There is great action throughout as well as wonderful tension from both the characters and the forces aligned against them. There is a lot of action in the story and that action is bolstered by great moments from Spock and Hugh. I continue to enjoy this strange group of characters and how they interact with each other and look forward to seeing what happens next for them and the threat they face.

The Art: Unzueta delivers some beautifully detailed and powerful art throughout the issue. The imagery brilliantly captures the intensity and action of the story.

Star Trek: Defiant #14



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