Over 80,000 people are expected to descend on Atlanta next month for this year’s Dragon Con event. With events across multiple locations, it could be almost impossible to see everything in a single weekend. Well fans in attendance as well as online will be able to add to their con experience this year with an updated live streaming service.


A newly updated version of DragonConTV will deliver live broadcasts of the Dragon Con Parade, guest panels, costume panels and other events Fans will also get to see one-on-one interviews with convention guests as well as fan-produced comedy content including sketches, music videos and commercial parodies.

“This really is a “best of” Dragon Con opportunity,” said convention co-chair Rachel Reeves.“Programming will include conversations with our top guests, a front-row seat to the queen of costume competitions, the Masquerade, and getting up close with Dragon Con Wrestling.”


A DVR feature will also be added to DragonConTV this year. This feature will not only showcase classic programming from past conventions, but it will also contain additional coverage not broadcast live as well as allowing subscribers to revisit their favorite programming up to three months later.

“Our fans have been asking for this kind of service for several years, but it took some time to put into place,” Reeves said. “We had to solve both the technical issues associated with streaming a convention of our size as well as contractual obligations with our guests.”

The live streaming service, nearly identical to the video carried on the in-house channels of the five host hotels, will be available for $30 to fans who cannot attend the convention. Members – those purchasing at least a single day DragonCon badge – will be able to subscribe for $10.

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DragonConTV is looking to enhance the experience for fans of the international pop culture, fantasy and sci-fi convention by providing an experience that opens up the event in ways that the fans have been asking for as well as a way for fans to keep up with the action during down time. Pre-convention sales of streaming subscriptions are available to members through August 26 at the Dragon Con online store at store.dragoncon.org and through dragoncon.tv/purchase for those not attending the convention. Subscriptions will also be available during the convention at Onsite Registration and the Dragon Con retail stores.

The stream is set to begin August 31, 2017 at 12:00 PM and run through Monday September 4, 2017 at 2:00 PM.

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