DC Comics fans who have been eagerly anticipating the meeting between Superman and Doctor Manhattan in the pages of Goeff Johns Doomsday Clock were given a huge surprise in the latest issue of the series.

There are MAJOR spoilers for the current issue of Doomsday Clock in this story. Read at your own risk.




In Doomsday Clock #2, Ozymandias and Rorschach have teamed up to try to locate Doctor Manhattan. His goal is to lure the missing hero back to an Earth in the grips of crisis and on the brink of war after the truth behind what Adrian did comes to light. In their quest to lure Manhattan home, they break out and enlist the help of two supervillains that Manhattan interacted with and spared due to the pregnancy of one of them. As the repaired Owl Ship takes to the sky with the four on board, a nuclear missile destroys New York just as they escape their world and crash-land in Gotham City.


Ever the planner and pragmatist, Ozymandias learns about this new Earth and decides that he needs to enlist the help of one or both of the smartest men alive; Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne. After securing Marionette and Mime, he and Rorschach separate. Rorschach breaks into Wayne Manor and discovers the Batcave, leading to a confrontation with Batman. Adrian breaks into the office of Lex Luthor and as he is getting ready to be thrown out by the villain, Lex is shot by an unknown attacker. The attacker barely misses Adrian and spouts that the last time they met, he was drunk and unprepared.




Edward Blake aka The Comedian emerges from the shadows in the final panel. Anyone who has read the Watchmen series knows that Adrian killed The Comedian in order to protect his secret. His death culminated in the vigilante and assassin being thrown out of a high-rise window and landing in the street. His death also spurred Rorschach to start the investigation that led he and the rest of the Watchmen to discover Ozymandias’ plan, even though they were too late to stop it. How does the long dead Comedian return and how does he make it to Earth-0? Was he resurrected by Doctor Manhattan to prevent Adrian from getting close to an even deeper mystery?

I don’t have any answers, but the story so far is fascinating and I really want to see where Johns goes with it in the next issue.

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