580062._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Despicable Deadpool #291

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Scott Koblish

Colors by Nick Filardi

Deadpool has been tasked with committing four murders to pay back Stryfe for providing help people the merc cares about. One of those deaths is his best and probably only friend Cable. After killing Cable, Deadpool has removed the mutant’s heart and is calling Stryfe to check in. Stryfe decides to teleport the merc to his base. Unfortunately, he catches Deadpool at a bad time and with his pants down. A moment only one of them regrets.


After delivering Cable’s heart, Stryfe analyzes it to make sure it’s real. Once it’s confirmed, he genuinely looks surprised that Deadpool wasn’t playing some kind of trick on him. A moment of surprise that only lasts a few moments when Cable bursts through and attacks. As the two of them fight, Deadpool gets a call. A call that causes him to turn on Cable and send Cable to find his daughter, vowing to kill Deadpool if they meet again.

With Cable gone, Deadpool tells Stryfe to give him the other three names. He explains to the clone that he delivered what he asked for and despite the betrayal, he held up his part of the bargain. Stryfe tells him that the other three names are from people from the present. As he makes his way back to his hideout, he gets another call and lets it go to voicemail.

What he doesn’t know is that the person on the other end of the line is an old friend. An old friend that has some vital information about the person Deadpool feels is responsible for his current woes. Someone who is being kept in a secret location and under constant guard. Someone Wade has vowed to personally kill.

I really enjoyed the twists in this issue. It can be a huge mind screw to constantly have to deal with time travel crap, but Deadpool manages to deal with it in a way to lets the reader feel his frustration. Duggan has done a great job of taking Wade to the brink again and again and letting him off the hook only long enough to get into another mess. Watching Wade scramble to do the wrong things for the right reasons is satisfying and hopefully, there is an equally satisfying resolution coming soon.

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