Doom Patrol

DC Universe

Season 1 Episode 3

Puppet Patrol

The Doom Patrol’s next attempt at a road trip goes about as well as the first.

With the Chief still missing and the town put back together, Jane decides that she is going to start her search for the Chief her own way. A way that puts her directly in conflict with the townies.


Back at the mansion, Cliff and Rita find a clue that could lead to the Chief and Cyborg calls everyone together. Vic and Cliff continue to clash as Robotman doesn’t like taking orders from Cyborg, especially when they don’t know each other at all. Cyborg decides to take the team on a trip to Paraguay to locate the doctor who made Mordun into Nobody. Unfortunately, Silas decides to cut his son off meaning no STAR Labs resources including the private jet.


Forced to make a road trip from the midwest to South America, they break down after getting lost and Jane reveals a new power when she transports herself, Cliff and Larry to Paraguay and the laboratory of Doctor Von Fuchs. When the team and a very willing volunteer enter the facility they are inundated with a staff hiding an incredible secret and a puppet show that reveals the origins of Nobody and how the Chief played a hand in it.


Rita and Victor deal with being stranded as well as Cyborg’s growing fame as a hero. Larry has to come to terms with his past when he enters Von Fuchs chamber and separates from the being inside him. At the same time, Cliff and Jane have to fight the staff to find a way out of the facility.


Another interesting and fun episode that is intensely entertaining. The pace of the episode is perfect and all of the acting is spot on. Brendon Fraser has amazing comic timing as Cliff and he and Cyborg’s passive aggressive ribbing is a joy to watch. Matt Bomer is fantastic as Larry. He packs so much emotional heft into every scene he’s in and his struggles with what he is makes for great drama. Can’t wait to see what happens next and the total unpredictability of this series makes that more exciting.

Doom Patrol S01XE03




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