Domino #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Gail Simone

Art by David Baldeon and Anthony Piper

Colors by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by Clayton Cowles

After watching her friends blow up, Domino can’t bring herself to look at the burning wreckage, but what she can do is get some righteous vengeance on the people responsible.

But first, Domino needs to take a trip back into her memories to her time at Halcyon Electives and the torture she was subjected to there. It’s a pretty well done psychological scene that gives insight into the character and her attitude. As she goes after Topaz for what she did, we get more insight into why Domino is the target for these two. We don’t get answers per se, but we do get context and that is actually more effective because it keeps the mystery active and interesting.

Fortunately, Domino’s friends survive the attack as the villains flee and we get a sweet reunion between them all that leads to a bigger mystery that she needs Amadeus’ help to solve. As much as she loves her friends, the suspicion that one of them might be betraying her continues to fester and she’s going to need some answers. Cho isn’t able to offer much, but he does put her on course to train with someone that can help her focus her powers and prepare for her next encounter with Topaz. When she arrives, she is greeted by some potential students of this new teacher and there’s only one way that she can get to the head of the class.

This is another fun issue that moves the story forward while also being engaging. There are some great comedic as well as dramatic moments for Domino that work alongside some amazing artwork. Both complement each other so well that I find myself going back over passages and reading again to take in the detail of the panels.

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