Thor #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Mike Del Mundo and Christian Ward

Colors by Marco D’Alfonso

Letters by Joe Sabino

Thor Odinson has returned to the mantle of the God Of Thunder. He might not have Mjolnir, but he still has the powers of a god and the will of a hero. Unfortunately, he’s been put on recovery duty on Earth. With the destruction of Asgardia at the hands of Mangog, Thor must travel the globe finding the dangerous treasures that landed there and his first mission takes him face to face with Juggernaut.

Right off the bat, this is fun to read. There are definitely some lighter, funnier elements to Thor’s personality and how he’s facing the new challenges in his life. The rage and pride are still there, but they are definitely tempered somewhat with the wisdom he’s gained. This gives him the ability to revel in the battle he’s fighting, but also to have a sense of gallows humor about the irony of his situation. The end of the fight with Cain is so satisfying because it blends great dialogue with fantastic art by Mike Del Mundo.

The rest of the issue is satisfying as well with Thor having some great interactions with his mother, Jane and Heimdall. The moments serve to build on Thor’s development and give an insight into some of the struggles he has coming up. One of which is a face to face with one of the only people who can always make his blood boil.

The second part of the story is more serious and solemn and is a really good counterpoint to the active and vibrant story that is being laid out. This one deals with Thor and Jane at the end of Jane’s time and how the two of them feel about each other and what they’ve done to restore Midgard. It’s a good story with an awesome ending I didn’t see coming and desperately want to read more of.

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