New Mutants Dead Souls #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Adam Gorham

Colors by Michael Garland

Letters by Clayton Cowles

In the aftermath of the plane crash from the last issue, the team makes their way to the wreckage only to find Magik alive and Rictor gone. It’s a tragedy that claimed everyone on board and sends Illyana into a spiral of depression and guilt.

At the funeral for her fallen teammate, Illyana laments her failure and leans on Kitty for comfort and advice. Unfortunately, when she’s asked to speak, she can’t do it for too long before the moment overwhelms her. In the moments that follow, her brother tries to comfort her as well, but things start to get heated between two of her surviving teammates and some old wounds get opened between the two of them before the fight is broken up. More tensions begin to rise when Dani confronts Magik and that’s when everything changes.

The issue worked in regards to moving the story along and I liked the dialogue between the characters, especially the confrontation between Illyana and Dani, but the reveal towards the end of the issue didn’t resonate well with me. It was fine, but it felt a little cheap. Like something from a bad sci-fi series. It worked in context, but I would have liked to see something more clever happen at the end of the issue. Something that would have driven home the menace of the villain vs the trick he pulls to get information. Also, the Warlock storyline at the end of the issue needs to be expanded on. It was more compelling than the tail end of the main plot.

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