Doctor Strange #8

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Andres Guinaldo and Javier Pina

Inks by Javier Pina and Andy Owens

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by Cory Petit

Mordo returns to make Strange pay the price for his mistakes.

Mordo has weaponized Casey against Strange and has unleashed her on the world with a cache of dangerous magical weapons and no soul. With her formidable arsenal, Stephen is told that the only way he can stop her is to kill her. As he continues to fight for and against Casey, Kanna and Bats are in the workshop working on something that might help.

As Kanna works on something that could turn the tide of the battle, Bats reveals a secret that Strange has been hiding from his companion regarding the Time Stone.

Mordo continues to push Stephen into taking Casey’s life as the only way to stop her in his attempt to make Strange pay the price for his deeds. When Kanna and Bats arrive with a weapon that can stop Casey, Strange must find a way to heal the woman’s soul. Strange’s desperate gamble reveals a force behind Mordo and a revelation about why Stephen Strange continues to be alone.

This issue does an interesting balancing act of showing the evolution of Stephen Strange as a character, but also highlights his consistent failures as a man. Strange continues to be his own worst enemy and Waid does a great job of having Kanna strip him down to his soul by telling him about himself in a manner that doesn’t sugar coat the worst of his impulses. It is a great moment in this issue and it’s handled deftly.

The art in this issue is amazing. The fights were visually stunning and everything complemented the narrative perfectly.

Doctor Strange #8




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