The Long Con #5

Oni Press

Written by Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman

Art by Ea Denich

Colors by M Victoria Robado

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

Destiny and Victor discover that the elite of the convention have locked themselves away in the most exclusive Hall in the center and things are about to get weird when they finally get inside.


The duo, along with their escort, find some of the actors who have been trapped acting out the plot of a comic book complete with costumes. When they discover that the wider world of the hall has been transformed into the fantasy world of a bitter writer, they must find a way to convince him to let them continue on and find Destiny’s friend and mentor. An editor who just might find the key to giving this story some kind of structural sense.

Complicating matters are actors losing their grip on reality, a con continuing to spin out of control and a growing resistance that might or might not be exactly what Destiny and Victor need to save the day.

The Long Con continues to be an entertaining story with some fun and funny digs at convention and celebrity culture. The writers add some universal elements that everyone who has attended cons and fan festivals can relate to. While this issue is entertaining, there is little in it to give the reader much insight into where this story is going or what the overall stakes of it are. I want to be more emotionally invested in what I’m reading and the characters I’m following. As fun as The Long Con is, it is hard to get too invested in the story.

The art does a great job of complementing the light and fun tone of the story. There are some really fun visual moments that remind readers of the pop culture icons that are being skewered in the course of the story.

The Long Con #5




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