Doctor Strange #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Mark Waid

Art by Javier Pina

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Cory Petit

Stephen and Kanna have managed to end the threat of the Majesdanes and their invasion of Earth. Being so close to home, a wary, but reinvigorated Stephen Strange decides to take his companion to his home. When he arrives, he discovers that not only is someone there, but that someone claims to be the real Doctor Strange and this new Strange and Bats go on the attack.

After battling each other in the streets, Stephen decides to invoke a spell to discover the true identity of the imposter. When it turns out to be someone from Stephen’s past, he is shaken by his lack of memory. When the fake Strange escapes, Stephen, Bats and Kanna must discover what happened. Strange needs to call on an old friend for help and when that help arrives, Stephen discovers that his lack of memory is the result of a sacrifice he made to stop a bigger threat. A sacrifice that cost him someone close. Someone who is back with a taste for revenge.

I wondered how this tale would unfold with the dual Doctors and I was not disappointed. I have to commend Mark Waid for not dragging out the conflict to an extent where the reader would have to keep guessing. He revealed the truth in service to a much better story and that’s something I appreciate as a reader. Revealing the imposter is the hook. Connecting that imposter to Strange and his choices is the story. Waid does a great job with the pacing in this issue and the callback to another Strange story works to bridge this moment to what is happening in this issue.

Javier Pina has some beautiful art in this issue and I really enjoyed the detailed panels as well as the use of shadow and light in many of the scenes. The contrast does a great job of setting the mood of the scene. I really want to see where this story goes and what happens next.

Doctor Strange #6




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