Sparrowhawk_001_A_MainSparrowhawk #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Delilah S Dawson

Art by Matias Basla

Letters by Jim Campbell

In England 1851, a young woman rides an old horse to a family cemetery to grieve with another young woman named Caroline. The young woman, Artemisia, is different from her contemporary and that difference is one of the reasons she had been relegated to a servant in the home of her father and his family. When her father’s wife calls her to the house, she is given a choice that will dramatically alter her future. As she contemplates her decision, she is pulled into another world by a creature that takes her form in the real world.


Artemisia finds herself in a strange new world where a creature decides to train her in the ways of magic in order to help her to return home. Unfortunately, for Artemisia, the creature helping her exacts an unknown cost for his services and the dangers around her force her to make some deadly decisions.

The first issue of Sparrowhawk is well done. It has a good story and a compelling lead in Artemisia. It also features some interesting stakes for the character to overcome and Dawson does a great job of building an interesting fantasy world full of interesting characters. I enjoyed the fact that this world was not all beauty and wonder.

Basla does some great things with the art in this issue and I really enjoyed the look of both worlds. There is a stark contrast between the real world and the fantasy land featured in the issue and that contrast helps to balance the visuals. The characters are rendered well and I enjoyed the details in both the characters and the backgrounds.

sparrowhawk #1




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