The Walt Disney Signature Collection Anniversary Edition of the classic animated feature Cinderella has been released on Blu-Ray and DVD and the new release features not only a remastered and stunning version of the film in high definition, but it also includes a carriage worth of special features and extras for fans to enjoy.



Are these extras and Bonus Features worth the purchase? Let’s find out.

Try This Trivia on for Size


Ruth Righi and Ava Kolker from the Disney Channel series Sydney to the Max host a trivia short that challenges the viewer’s knowledge of obscure facts about the film including Cinderella’s shoe size, a hidden Mickey and Walt Disney’s favorite moment in animation. They round out the short with a trivia game about moments in the film you might have missed. It’s a cute short that’s fun for fans of the film.


Diane Disney Miller Cinderella Film Introduction


Diane Disney Miller takes you on a short tour of the Walt Disney Family Museum to explore the man and his films. She highlights the importance of Cinderella’s success and how it helped the studio through difficult financial times post-war as well as allowed Walt Disney to expand into television and other mediums. It’s a nice look at the legacy of Disney and an advertisement for the Museum itself.


The Real Fairy Godmother


The inspiration for the Fairy Godmother, Mary Alice O’Connor, is featured in this bonus feature that showcases her life. With interviews from her children and others, Mary Alice’s spirit of generosity inspired her husband, layout artist Ken O’Connor, to user her as the inspiration for the iconic character. Her history of fund raising and charity work and her relationship with her husband are featured prominently as well as how she became recognized as the “Fairy Godmother of Burbank”. A great short that beautifully connects to the film and the history of Cinderella.


Behind the Magic: A New Disney Princess Fantasyland


Ginnifer Goodwin from Once Upon A Time takes viewers on a tour of a new expansion to Disney Parks. The expansion will feature new attractions and a new adventure that highlights the studios classic fairy tale stories in a new way. The expansion will feature Beast’s Castle, Prince Eric’s Castle from The Little Mermaid, a new 7 Dwarf ride and a Storybook Circus. It’s a commercial for Disney Parks in Orlando and effective in getting fans excited for what’s coming at the parks in the future.


The Magic of the Glass Slipper


In an inspired short, Disney gets fashion designer Christian Louboutin to star as himself. Louboutin is charged with designing a new shoe for an event and is unable to find inspiration until an animated version of himself prompts him to take a journey through the streets of Paris to think. When he returns, it will take some animated animals and a young cleaning lady to inspire his next masterpiece. A sublimely clever and fun short.


Disney's Cinderella Blu-Ray




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