DIE #8

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The split in the party forces Ash, Matt and Angela to turn to the Ruling Party for help and both Ash and Matt will confront their past mistakes and present pains.


A month after the tragedy of Glass Town, Angela has to return in order to find out what is being built on the site by their enemies. Ash is tasked with interrogating Sol, even though he’s not getting anywhere with his old friend and Matt is offered information that comes with a price.

Ash continues to deal with the aftermath of her first visit to DIE and the child she left behind. A child she finally tells the truth, for what it’s worth. When Matt returns to the cave where he chose his weapon, he is confronted by warriors who will test his skills in battle as well as his resolve if he wants them to fight by his side. Back in the city, a surprise return could change everyone fortunes.

The Story: I continue to be enamored with this series and its mixture of fantasy storytelling and human drama. Kieron Gillen deftly moves this story forward with engaging characters and dialogue as well as a dynamic plot that is paced beautifully to allow the reader to invest in the characters.

The Art: Stephanie Hans some of the most beautiful art in comics today and this issue is no exception. Everything is brilliantly detailed and beautiful to see.

Die #8




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