Sea of Stars #4

Image Comics

Written by Jaosn Aaron and Dennis Hallum

Art by Stephen Green

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Jared K Fletcher

The Rundown: The mystery woman following Kadyn across the stars might hold the answers to the boy’s strange powers and Gil runs into more trouble.


The young woman, known to her people as Della the Despised, believes that Kadyn might be the reincarnation of her people’s missing deity. Having been banished by her own people, she believes that if she brings that god back, they will take her back as well. Unfortunately, Kadyn’s new friends are suspicious and those suspicions mean they have to be taken care of.

Gil finds himself on the run from a group of Zzaztek hunters and his new companion is not helping matters. The normally mild mannered man finds himself in the position of either becoming a hunter or being prey as his quest to find his son gives him a renewed motivation to stay alive.

The Story: The story Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum are crafting in this series is expanding to introduce some new and interesting characters. Adding new protagonists can be problematic, but the writers make it work by tying these elements together in a way that makes you want to read more. The tone of the story is great. So many moments in this issue are filled with tension and you feel for both Kadyn and Gil as they deal with being separated and what that means for them.

The Art: Stephen Green offers some beautiful art in this issue. Everything looks amazing and the depiction of space is breathtaking.


Sea of Stars #4




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