796241._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Transformers/Ghostbusters #5

IDW Publishing

Written by Erik Burnham

Art by Dan Schoening

Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado

Letters by Christa Miesner

The Rundown: In the epic finale, the Ghostbusters find themselves in the middle of what could be the final showdown between Optimus Prime and Megatron.


Optimus and Megatron continue their fight as Starscream and the other Decepticons go after the Ghostbusters. Unfortunately for the transformers, they underestimate the humans and their proton packs. Starscream really has it in for Peter and goes after the human with everything he’s got when he’s released from another trap.

Megatron goes after Prime, who is trying to find a way to help the ghost Transformers. As he gets the upper hand against the Decepticon leader, Megatron finds a new power when he possesses another Transformer.

The Story: Burnham brings this story to an interesting and fun conclusion. There are some great action beats throughout and the dynamic between Optimus and Megatron is there, but the story just seemed to fall apart at the end. There were story expectations laid out in the first few issues that never really got resolved. As fun as this issue was, it felt like it was half a story at best and the rest would be resolved next issue.

The Art: Dan Schoening does an excellent job with the art. From the characters to the action, the art in this issue is great.


Transformers Ghostbusters #5




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