DIE #17

Image Comics

Written by Kieron Gillen

Art by Stephanie Hans

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The company confronts the dark truth of Die as their perceptions, mission and friendships continue to be strained.

With the spirit of Lovecraft as their guide, the company makes their way deeper into Die. The deeper they get, the more morose and dark things with their guide become especially when he reveals the circumstances that led him to the world itself. A story that is vastly different from the ones they heard from both Bronte and Wells. They also discover his dark connection to the world before they venture even deeper into it.

Once their reach their destination, Lovecraft gives them a peek into something truly dark as the origin of the Fallen is revealed to the group. Things get more intense when Sol is left unattended and Isabelle is forced to fulfill her debt to one of the guides in a brutal fashion that leaves them all at risk. After narrowly escaping one danger, they find themselves face to face with an even bigger one straight from a Lovecraft nightmare.

The Story: Gillen brings all the drama and intensity to this issue and the connection to the lore is what brings me back issue after issue. The characters continue to be engaging and the story is wonderfully mysterious. I love peeling back the layers of the characters, their complex relationships and the consequences of their actions. Gillen’s world building continues to astound and amaze and this issue is no exception.

The Art: Hans continues to brings some intense, beautifully detailed imagery to every page of this issue. The emotion and tone brought forth from the art makes this issue an immersive, emotional experience.

DIE #17



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