The Good Asian #2

Image Comics

Written by Pornsak Pichetshote

Art by Alexander Tefenkgi

Colors by Lee Loughridge

Letters by Jeff Powell

The Rundown: Detective Edison Hark continues to investigate the disappearance of Ivy Chen.

Detective Hark reflects on a previous decision. He is then met by a representative of The Six Companies. The two later gather with Frankie Carroway for lunch and discuss the current affairs of Chinatown. Later, Hark continues to seek out information regarding his investigation. While visiting a local night club, he runs into Victoria Carroway. The two have a heated conversation that yields surprising information.

The Story: This is a content heavy episode with some very interesting reveals. But, while the action and detective work is well done and entertaining, I am drawn to the internal conflict of Detective Hark. Pichetshote’s delivery of the moral and psychological dilemma of a person of color in a white-centric environment is masterfully crafted. And I am once again impressed with the level of research used to recreate 1930s Chinatown. I also highly recommend reading the historical end notes of this issue. I am completely invested in this series, and eagerly await the next installment.

Art: Tefenkgi uses a relatively minimalist drawing style. A muted palate in a myriad of hues change with tone, location, and character interaction. I like how even though this issue is filled with color, it never loses its cool, noir feel. This edition feels like a period piece. It is immediately transportive and engaging.

The Good Asian #2



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