Black Hammer Visions #5

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Leonardo Romero

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: Skulldigger finds himself facing a new foe. One that will challenge him in ways he wasn’t expecting.

A cat burglar has decided to steal a gem donated by a powerful man and Skulldigger is on the case. After sparring with the mystery woman known only as Bijou, Skulldigger realizes that there is something different about this woman. Something that leads to the two of them meeting again and again over time and each time, both leave the encounter looking forward to the next one.

When Skulldigger finds a pattern in Bijou’s attacks, he is visited in his civilian job by the mystery woman who explains what she’s doing and why she needs his help. After refusing to be a part of another crime, he agrees to see her at an event that she’s targeted only for events to lead to tragedy.

The Story: Thompson pens an impressive and fun entry into this series. There are definite nods to the classic comics book trope of the hero falling for the villain, but everything in this story has a sense of uniqueness that makes it fun and engaging to read. The characters are compelling and the tone definitely moves well to its tragic conclusion. A great read.

The Art: Romero delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue. I love the classic style of the art and the noir elements are beautifully done through the use of shadows.

Black Hammer Visions #5



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