Detective Comics 2022 Annual #1

DC Comics

Written by Ram V

Art by Christopher Mitten, Rafael Albuquerque and Hayden Sherman

Colors by Lee Lougheridge

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: The Orgham’s plans for Gotham are revealed as they take a trip to the past.

Gael and Shavhod make their way deep into the bowels of the newly leveled Arkham Asylum searching for a item that predates the creation of the city. An item that is connected to both the family and their plans for Gotham. After discovering the item, Gael tells his companion a story about Gotham’s past.

A story about the murder of a couple and how it set in motion a series of events that led not only to the rise of dark forces, powerful corruption and religious zealotry, but also the creation of a dark avenger that chose to fight against it all. A mistake the Orgham’s vow to correct as they implement their plans.

The Story: An engaging and entertaining story that continues to weave an intriguing mystery for Gotham and its hero. I enjoyed both the history being told in the plot as well as the bigger story being developed within it. The Orgham’s are interesting villains and their hidden motives have me coming back to read more.

The Art: All three artists bring beautifully detailed and visually thrilling imagery to every page of the issue.

Detective Comics 2022 Annual #1



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