Detective Comics #1042

DC Comics

Written by Mariko Tamaki and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Viktor Bogdanovic and Max Raynor

Inks by Daniel Henriques

Colors by Jordie Bellaire and Diego Rodriguez

Letters by Aditya Bidikar and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Infected with a deadly parasite, a rage filled Batman is unleashed on Gotham.

Infected with Vile, Batman is surrounded by Worth and Penguin’s forces. As they wait for the Dark Knight to turn, Vile’s people move in to protect the Batman and kill the people trying to use him. As Batman fights off the infection, Vile forces him to go after Worth. Huntress might be the only person who can stop Batman from crossing the line as he fights the urge to kill Worth and keep on killing.

Deb Donovan is meeting with the man who slipped her the note that started her on the journey of a career making story. That man just happens to be the Red Hood. After their initial first meeting, Deb runs down leads on what might have happened to the body of Astrid Arkham and discovers that the story gets a lot bigger and goes all the way to the top of Gotham City government. As Red Hood confronts some body snatchers to get answers, Deb finds herself on the wrong end of a bat.

The Story: Tamaki crafts a thrilling story for Batman and Huntress. The revenge storyline with Worth is compelling and the action is fantastic. Batman’s struggles throughout are awesome dramatic touches that make the story entertaining. Rosenberg delivers a fun and intriguing story with Deb Donovan and Red Hood. Their dialogue is great and the tone and premise of the story are engaging.

The Art: Bogdanovic delivers some beautiful, visceral and gorgeously detailed art throughout the issue. Raynor delivers some great atmosphere in the second story. Both artists craft visually compelling stories with wonderful detail and style.

Detective Comics #1042



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