Wonder Girl #3

DC Comics

Written by Joelle Jones

Art by Joelle Jones and Adriana Melo

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Yara finds herself facing gods and mythical creatures as Amazon tribes continue to hunt her.

In the aftermath of a plane crash, Jaoa goes looking for Yara. After finding her, the two share an intimate moment that is observed by the god Eros who has plans of his own for the young woman. At the same time, Artemis and Cassie find themselves fighting off a group of Amazons hunting for Yara as well and the two begin an uneasy alliance to find the woman.

After dodging one of Eros’ arrows, the pair go deeper into the jungle when the god is hunted by creatures also looking for Yara for their own reasons. As Yara and Jaoa find themselves surrounded, Eros manages to pierce Yara and court her away to Olympus. As the creatures implore her to stay on the land, she leaves to meet with the goddess who will change her life.

The Story: Jones continues to create an engaging and entertaining world for this character and her supporting cast is getting more interesting with every issue. The plot has a great mix of action, romance and humor throughout and I enjoyed the moments between Artemis and Cassie as much as I enjoyed Yara’s journey. There is so much to love and enjoy in this series and this issue expands the story perfectly while it crafts a mythology for its lead.

The Art: Both Jones and Melo deliver some stunning art throughout this issue. I fell in love with the style and how the art perfectly captures the mood of the story. There are some truly beautiful character moments throughout this issue and the art is gorgeous.

Wonder Girl #3



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