DeadRabbit-02_cvrDead Rabbit #2

Image Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by John McCrea

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Joe Sabino

Martin Dobbs is going to find out sooner rather than later that you really cannot go home again, especially in the world of crime. After his wife takes a fall, the pair wind up back in the hospital and the smiling hospital billing employee gives him the bad news about how much their new stay in the hospital is going to cost. The figure itself is staggering and Martin decides that it’s time to suit back up as Dead Rabbit.


After visiting an old friend from the old days, Dobbs enlists his old driver to pull off a new job at one of their previous marks. As the two discuss the old days, “Wheels” asks Dead Rabbit about the score he took off the mob. We find out that the story is more complicated than we thought as the two thieves decide to get back into the action. Old habits and new complications screw up the plan, Dead Rabbit is on the run with a severely injured Wheel, and their latest crime has caught the attention of the wrong people.

Duggan does a great job with the pacing and plot of this issue. It does an even better job of showing the contrast between perception and reality as Dobbs starts buying into his own historical hype and learns quickly that times have changed and he’s not the same man he was anymore. It’s interesting to see the changes in Martin as he reconciles the man he is with his desire to be Dead Rabbit. There is gritty realism in this story that adds a new dimension to the plot and the characters.

John McCrea has some well-done, stylized art in this issue. Everything looks great and the use of shadows in many of the panels really help to set the mood of the scene. The escape sequence and its aftermath are some of my favorite panels.

Dead Rabbit #2




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