CROWDED_04_CoverACrowded #4

Image Comics

Written by Christopher Sebela

Art by Ro Stein

Inks by Ted Brandt

Colors by Triona Ferrell

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The fervor for anyone to collect the two million dollar bounty on Charlie Ellison’s head has caused random cadres of morons to go after anyone with the name Charlie Ellison, often with surprisingly brutal consequences. While Trotter tries to tell his audience that they need to back off and let him handle the kill, his partner Cameron is trying to keep their fledgling business together while also wrangling her childhood friend.


At the same time, Vita is dealing with the fact that her house is on fire and after getting the few possessions she could get, she has Charlie take her to the police station so she can fill out the ridiculous amount of paperwork involved in this latest escapade. Vita is not happy and with everything in her life falling apart because of her association with Charlie, Vita decides to be honest with Charlie about what a screw up she is. While Vita deals with a situation with her ex, Charlie stupidly runs away and finds her way back into her old life of partying. A life that is going to have its own consequences when the group someone in the group she’s hanging out with suddenly remembers exactly who Charlie Ellison really is.

The tension and drama in this issue continues to build and Sebela does a great job of continuing an consistently well written and exciting story for these characters. I continue to find less and less to like about Charlie with every issue and the dynamic between she and Vita is becoming more toxic for the bodyguard every day. I hope there’s a moment in this series where the audience finds a reason to like this character, but right now I don’t care if she lives of dies. Which might be part of the point Sebela is trying to make with this series.

Ro Stein’s art is great. It is kinetic and fun with some dramatic and effective camera angles in many of the panels. Angles that ramp up both the tension and the fun of the story. Can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Crowded #4




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