DC’s Terrors Through Time #1

DC Comics

Written by Paul Levitz, Scholly Fisch, Peter V. Nguyen, Zac Thompson, Charles Skaggs, Jeremy Haun, Matthew Levine and Tim Seeley

Art by Raul Fernandez, Luciano Vecchio, Peter V. Nguyen, Andy McDonald, Tom Mandrake, Juan Doe, Jorge Corona and Kelley Jones

Colors by Santi Arcas, Wendy Broome, Mike Spicer, Justin Prokowich, Sara Stern and Michelle Madsen

Letters by Josh Reed, Wes Abbott, Becca Carey, Andworld Design, Travis Lanham and Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Eight stories take the heroes of the DC universe through time and terror.

The Longest Night

Phantom Stranger recalls his endless fight against the forces of darkness. Forces that seem to find a particular night advantageous for breaching into the world of men. As he spends the centuries defending those who choose to celebrate that night among the dark forces, he laments that his mission will offer him no peace.

A great short story that encapsulates the tragedy of the character while also giving insight into him to those who might not be familiar. The art is thrilling, fun and wonderfully detailed. 

Trick or Treat

Jon Kent and Damian Wayne decide to take a Halloween trip dressed as each other. Unfortunately, their stops at the Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave come up short. As they discover that the other members of the League are nowhere to be found, they decide to head to the Hall of Justice. A trip that will bring them face to face with dark forces who have captured the League and plan to banish them to their dark realm. 

A fun, funny and entertaining story with some great art. A great reminder of the relationship between Damian and Jon that I wish we could see more of. 

The Pueo Promise

Harley, Ivy and Catwoman find themselves on a tropical island and facing off against an angry deity who has targeted animals connected to Selina. 

An entertaining story that has some great dialogue. The art is entertaining and visually fun. 


In the near future, a father and daughter are studying the local swamp when they hear the approach of a dangerous hybrid creature. After taking cover in an abandoned factory, they are rescued by Swamp Thing. After getting away, the daughter returns years later and Swamp Thing returns to end the threat once and for all. 

A good story that has not only some great art, but a great message about the character.

The Midnight Hour

The Justice Society is tracking down an occult object that the Nazis want to turn the tide of the war. When its power is unleashed, the team will have to face a series of dark entities dedicated to destroying the world. 

A nice, simple story that highlights the characters and their dynamics really well. I really enjoyed the classic style of the art. 

A New Darkness

A probationary Green Lantern teams with a veteran who wields two rings to track down a strange signal in space. What they discover is a temple using dark magic to bring forth a dangerous threat. A threat that one of the Lanterns might have to make a dangerous sacrifice to contain. 

An entertaining and engaging short story that makes me intrigued to experience more of. Great art bolsters the action and terror of the story. 

Blood Lost and Found

A mystery man walks into a small medieval village to get a drink before learning that the town’s children are being taken by a creature in the night. After another child goes missing, the man tracks the creature to its cave where it discovers the man is Jason Blood and he is not alone. 

A great short story that is bolstered by wonderful art from Corona and a wonderful undertanding of the nature of the character. 

The Haunting of Wayne Manor

Boston Brand makes his way to Wayne Manor to stop an entity on the hunt. An entity haunting Damian Wayne. As Damian attempts to escape the creature, Deadman tries to slow it down and discovers not only that Damian is the reason for the attack, but that there is a darker creature who has already claimed the soul of the son of Batman. 

A great short story that is filled twists, action and humor. I loved the dark undertones of the plot and what is being teased within it as well as the beautifully dark and stylish art. 

DC’s Terrors Through Time #1



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