Batman Incorporated #1

DC Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by John Timms

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Ghost-Maker and his team find themselves on a case with some very personal stakes.

A trained killer with a connection to both Batman and Ghost-Maker is murdered in Dublin and the newest member of Batman Incorporated is called in to investigate. At the same time, Ghost-Maker and his team are stymied in their hunt for Luthor’s labs and discover that someone has beaten them to them. Ghost-Maker’s growing frustration causes tension within the team itself as they make their way to Dublin.

Ghost-Maker realizes that the victim is one of the mentors he and Bruce utilized when they began their training. Knowing that the rest of their former teachers are in danger, Ghost-Maker splits the team to investigate. While some determine they’re too late, some discover quickly how dangerous these former mentors still are.

The Story: Brisson crafts an entertaining story in this first issue. The story does a great job of showing Ghost-Maker as a richer character with more flaws. The cracks in the group add more drama to the series and I like seeing that aspect start to bear fruit. I like the story taking a personal turn for Ghost-Maker and I look forward to seeing the series grow and evolve.

The Art: Timms delivers some impressive and visually exciting art in the issue. The visuals are thrilling and I love the way the art builds on the tension of the plot.

Batman Incorporated #1



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