DC Vs Vampires #4

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Otto Schmidt

Colors by Otto Schmidt

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The vampire’s continue their plan as two heroes begin to compare notes.

The vampires continue their mission in the shadows with John Constantine receiving a visit from a familiar face. One who is looking to turn him into another vampire. Unfortunately, John knows what’s going on and is both prepared and unimpressed. At the same time, the Bat Family continues their investigation into the vampires when Red Hood and Orphan are attacked by another vampire turned super villain.

At the same time, Batman continues his investigation in the cave when an alarm alerts him that he’s not alone. After being attacked by Green Arrow, both Bruce and Oliver believe the other has been turned. When the dust settles, the pair find themselves facing not only the real killer of one of their own, but the rest of the Justice League as well.

The Story: Tynion IV and Rosenberg craft a delightful and fun story in this issue. As dark as the premise is, I really enjoy how the characters shine within the plot. The moments with Constantine are great and I love how his personality comes through. The moments with Dick and Barbara continue to be interesting as well and I really enjoyed how the story led to its exciting cliffhanger.

The Art: Schmidt delivers some great visuals throughout the story. The art is filled with great action and energy and the character designs are amazing.

DC Vs Vampires #4



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