Night of the Ghoul #4

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Francesco Francavilla

Colors by Francesco Francavilla

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Fiction and reality begin to collide as the battle to stop the ghoul begins.

The film picks up with the Doctor leading the assembled men deep into the museum while discussing both the history of the ghoul and the Order of the Fly that protects them. When she reaches her destination, she does something unexpected. Something that will possibly give them the weapon they need to flush out and stop the ghoul infesting the young boy’s father. As they prepare for their next encounter with the ghoul, they set a trap that will hopefully save their friend and end the ghoul once and for all.

In the present, Skeen finishes torturing Merritt and when he leaves, Forest emerges to tell the man that he’s going to get help. Merritt tells him that the only way they can stop what’s happening is for Forest to find the rest of the film. Unfortunately, that means going into Skeen’s office while his son waits in the woods. To make matters worse, the boy doesn’t stay put for long.

The Story: Snyder locks the reader in with a great story steeped in tension. Both parts of the story work perfectly together and separately to create two distinct experiences while keeping the same energy throughout. I found both the action in the film as compelling as the story in the real world and both stories are wonderfully paced and entertaining.

The Art: Francavilla delivers some amazing art throughout the issue. I love the distinctive look for each part of the story and how their styles complement each other and the story itself.

Night of the Ghoul #4



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