Dark Web Finale #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Zeb Wells

Art by Adam Kubert, Francesco Mortarino and Scott Hanna

Colors by Frank Martin and GURU-eFX

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Spider-Man and the X-Men lead a final assault against Chasm.

After taking the throne of Limbo from Madelyne Pryor, Ben Reilly has invaded New York with a demon army with Janine by his side. Peter and the X-Men prepare to mount a defense in order to stop Ben once and for all.

Both sides take to the battlefield with Peter and his new demon ally going after Ben and Janine while the mutants take on the Insidious Six. Madelyne has her own mission and bring along some help in the form of a possessed Eddie Brock. As the battle rages, Madelyne shows that her power as Queen lies in more than just her staff and Peter and the X-Men force a victory that will have unexpected consequences to come.

The Story: Wells brings the story to a satisfactory conclusion with a story that has some great comedic moments. While the premise still has some huge problems, they story manages to at least put Madelyne on a path to being a more interesting character, but leaving Ben as the same whining child that he has become.

The Art: All of the artists deliver visually thrilling and beautifully detailed moments throughout the issue.

Dark Web Finale #1



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