We continue to learn more and more about the denizens of the Dark Multiverse and how their actions have shaped them into Bruce Wayne’s worst nightmares made real. Now we have another new addition.

Batman the Murder Machine is built (no pun intended) on tragedy. When a cadre of Batman villains including Bane and Killer Croc invade the Batcave, they find Bruce is missing, but Alfred is there. As they torture him for information, they invariably kill him.


In his grief, Bruce turns to Cyborg for help in trying to bring Alfred back in some form. He calls this new AI the “Alfred Protocol” and it begins its primary misison: protect Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, the protection that the AI uses includes the wholesale slaughter of anyone who is considered a threat to Bruce and that includes the Justice League.

How far is the “Alfred Protocol” willing to go to protect Bruce and how do the two of them become one? Find out in Batman The Murder Machine written by Frank Tieri and James Tynion IV which comes out September 27, 2017.

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