Dark Knights of Steel #2

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Yasmine Putri

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Wes Abbott

The Rundown: The House of El deals with a major loss and the Kingdom of Storms becomes the victims of a retaliation.

After Jor-El is fatally injured, Bruce Wayne goes after the offending party. Later, the royal family and its leaders debate their next steps. When Kal-El goes to the prisons to interrogate a suspect, several interesting tidbits are revealed. Meanwhile, on Amazon Island, Lois Lane arrives with word of the happenings with the House of El and Diana comforts a member of that family. Afterwards, Diana and Lois have a conversation. Elsewhere, in the Kingdom of Storms, Constantine receives information from the Green Man. He then has an interesting conversation with King Jefferson Pierce. Finally, later that night, an unwelcome adversary causes a tragedy.

The Story: Tom Taylor is a creative beast! In the second chapter of this series, his broad steps in constructing a new iteration of the DC Universe continues as well-known characters are given new life and purpose. I can’t say enough good things about this story. It is fresh, exciting, and completely mesmerizing. The overarching themes involve prophecy and fate, and the narration serves as a treatise on the tale’s ideology. As always, I am interested the most in character interactions and I am impressed with how much person development was done in such a short time. The content provided in this piece is expertly crafted for maximum effect. I am already completely invested in this series, and I cannot wait for the next edition.

The Art: This beautifully crafted issue features intense battle scenes and sweeping visuals. The attention to detail is eye catching. Especially the emphasis on personal expression and form. These attributes are emotionally engaging and allow the reader a greater understanding of the various character’s mindset. I found myself enraptured by the content with each turn of the page.

Dark Knights of Steel #2



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