Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix ended in 2018 and when the series were slated to leave the streaming service, speculation ran rampant that the characters might find their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That speculation was rewarded when Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that Charlie Cox is the MCU’s Daredevil and the character’s alter-ego Matt Murdock returned to the screen in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin returned as well in the Disney Plus series Hawkeye and both are set to return for a spin-off of that limited series starring Alaqua Cox’ Maya Lopez aka Echo.

At the end of the Hawkeye series, Lopez discovered that her adopted father figure Wilson Fisk, played by D’Onofrio was actually responsible for the murder of her uncle and she decided to walk away from the underworld. While there are no plot details available for her upcoming series, it is rumored that part of the plot will involve Murdoch returning to search for a former ally and with Fisk being Echo’s main antagonist, both Cox and D’Onofrio have a stake in Maya Lopez’ journey as she returns to her hometown to connect with her roots.

The series and the return of Cox and D’Onofrio could also set up the rumored fourth season of Daredevil that could be coming to Disney Plus as well.

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