Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Beauregard Lionett

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mae Catt, Marisha Ray and Matthew Mercer

Art by Guilherme Balbi

Colors by Diana Sousa

Letters by Sabrina Del Grosso

The Rundown: Beauregard recounts her dark past before joining her new family.

Thoreau Lionett takes a long walk in the woods in order to find a mysterious creature that could be the key to bringing him the fortune he’s always wanted. After getting everything he wanted, he decides to have a family. A family that will include his hotheaded and determined daughter Beauregard.

Growing up as a child of privilege in the empire, Beau does everything she can to break out of the constraints of her sheltered life and explore the world around her. Things that will paint a target on her back and lead to a violent and dark encounter that will change her life forever.

The Story: Catt, Ray and Mercer deliver an entertaining, thrilling and emotional view into the dark and troubled past of a character I have grown to love as a fan of Critical Role and The Mighty Nein. The story is truly compelling and manages to deftly balance its thrills and emotional beats beautifully in order to deliver a wonderful experience for the reader. It creates great context to the character’s story and broadens the world in a way that makes me want to see more.

The Art: Balbi delivers some beautifully detailed and visually impressive art through every page and panel of the series. The visual style is unique, warm and filled with gorgeous detail.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins – Beauregard Lionett Review



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