781319._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #6

Marvel Comics

Written by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti

Art by Todd Nauck

Colors by Antonio Fabela

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Cosmic Ghost Rider’s insane trip through time comes to an end as Frank and the Watcher fulfill their destinies.

When Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Luke Cage find themselves on the Raft to interview a prisoner being kept in the deepest part of the prison, a prison break threatens to put everyone at risk. With Carnage on the loose and Foggy locked in a cell with the prisoner, the lawyer begs for help from the silent man. He finally answers when Cosmic Ghost Rider emerges from the shadows.


After taking on Carnage and the rest of the escaping villains, Tony Stark and the rest of the Marvel Illuminati take notice and meet to discuss what they know about Cosmic Ghost Rider. When Charles Xavier determines that something is wrong with their memories, the Avengers gather in force along with the X-Men to confront Frank, who just wants to be left alone. When he finally tells them his story, they understand the tragedy that has kept him out of sight and the hand Uatu played in it. Something the Watcher will pay for in dramatic fashion.

The Story: I’ve been all over the place with this series from parts I thoroughly enjoy to moments I cannot stand, but this was a satisfying conclusion to this series. Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti have managed to bring this unusual story to a conclusion that both affirms the character of Frank Castle, but also celebrates the recent Marvel history of comics with some fun and engaging call backs. I like the tone of this issue a lot and the humor worked well in contrast to the change in Frank’s personality. There is a lot of compelling story here and it was worth getting to the end to read.

The Art: Todd Nauck’s art is fantastic in this issue. Everything looks amazing and there are some amazingly detailed and well composed panels throughout.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #6




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