cold-spots-4-of-5_dfc619234eCold Spots #4

Image Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Mark Torres

Letters by Simon Bowland

The Quarrels’ plan is revealed and Grace is caught in the middle of something evil in the new issue of Cold Spots.

After Dan is removed from the house, the Quarrels take both Alyssa and Grace down to a cellar in the house where Grace is used to bring forth something from the depths of the dark. When Alyssa sees what is happening, she comes to her senses, but it might be too late.


Dan returns to the house just in time to find his ex. She and Dan return to the cellar determined to take Grace with them, but the creature that Grace has resurrected has other plans. With Grace under their control and the little girl’s parents locked away, the creature begins to unleash an army of spirits on the unsuspecting town and there may be no way to stop them.

In the penultimate issue of Cold Spots, Cullen Bunn adds an extremely scary and unexpected new element into the story. This issue was paced brilliantly with rising tension from the first page. Tension that continued right up until the scary conclusion. Bunn does a great job of handling the tension of the moment as well as keeping the reader engaged in Dan’s journey. It’s going to be interesting to see where this story goes next and how it concludes.

Mark Torres’ art is the best choice to tell this story. Every panel is atmospheric and there are some really sinister expressions on some of the characters. I especially love the contrast between Grace and the rest of the world even when she is in the same panel with another character. She always looks like she is outside of the story and almost ready to leap off the page. Great art.

Cold Spots #4




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