BlackBadge_004_Main_PROMOBlack Badge #4

Boom! Studios

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Tyler Jenkins

Colors by Hilary Jenkins

Letters by Jim Campbell

One mystery solved and another begins as the Black Badge team finds one of their own.

Kenny’s obsession with finding his friend and former teammate Jimmy has led to the team discovering that Jimmy has busy in Pakistan and apparently, all over the world since his disappearance. After filling his former team in on his mission and telling them to start to question their own, a discovery among their things triggers the two teams to evacuate their safehouse before a bomb levels it to the ground.


With things getting more dangerous and unpredictable, the team calls for evac and when they arrive back at base, all of them are processing their feelings about the mission, what Jimmy told them and whether or not they are on the right side. Their self-reflection is interrupted by their commander who has decided to send to the most prestigious place any scout can go; The Rainbow Badge Jamboree.

After finding themselves in the midst of the most elite scout troops in the world in a ceremony hosted by Willy’s father, the Black Badge teams finds that they are the target of at least one elite scout and his intervention with them signals a precursor of what the Black Badge’s can expect as the Jamboree kicks off.

Black Badge continues to tell an interesting and nuanced story. It’s a fine line that Matt Kindt walks with the seriousness of this storyline and the age of the characters. Sometimes the characters can react with dialogue that seems a little too adult, but it’s something forgivable in the context of the story.

Tyler Jenkins’ art works perfectly with the tone and severity of this story. There are some great background details throughout and many of the panels are framed beautifully.

Black Badge #4




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