Clear #5

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Francis Manapul

Colors by Francis Manapul

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Sam Dunes makes a leap of faith and discovers an ugly truth he never imagined.

After making the same leap his recently deceased wife did, Sam Dunes discovers that his fate is going to be different as he is pulled under by bots and deposited onto a sub with a mysterious woman known only as the Widow. As he confronts her about what happened to his wife, the sub is located by outside forces and fired on. As they escape the attack, Sam hands over the veil that his wife had been working on in the hopes that the Widow can upload it to the server.

As the sub attempts to escape, Sam learns the history of the woman calling herself the Widow as well as what will happen if she uploads what Sam’s wife created. As the two escape, Widow shares something Sam could never have imagined. A truth even he has failed to see. Sam finally sees the real world and it is a nightmare.

The Story: Snyder hits readers with a narrative punch that I was not expecting from this story. Not only do we get great action and some awesome revelations that put so much of the world of this story in perspective, but the issue reveals something so dark and surprising that I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that I could be surprised. Having the truth finally revealed makes me excited to see how this story concludes.

The Art: Manapul delivers some wonderful imagery throughout the issue. The art has a beautiful, otherworldly quality that draws the eye and perfectly captures the mood of the story when the final reveal is made.

Clear #5



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