Castle Rock


Season 1 Episode 2

Habeus Corpus

Officer Zalewski is losing it. After seeing the young man he found in the cage outside of the infirmary and leaving a swath of death in his wake, he gets a weapon and goes after him, only to find nothing. It’s another instance of something strange connected to this young man and the return of Warden Lacy in voice over fills in some of the blanks from the first episode including why the Warden was keeping the young man prisoner in the first place. If the warden is right, the ramifications of setting him free are going to be massive and it is even more disturbing that Alan Pangborn seems to know more about the situation than he’s let on.


For King fans, this episode has a lot of Easter eggs and references to past events featured in King novels. I admire the fact that these events are not glossed over and are being added as just another piece of town history, but it is those events that shaped Lacy’s beliefs as well as Alan’s. There is a great montage in the episode that tells part of the story of the town from the point of view of the warden and it touches on events that happened around other moments in King lore. There are call backs to The Body aka Stand By Me, Needful Things and Cujo that are mixed in without overtaking the narrative.


It looks like the producers and writers are taking an interesting approach to the series and its place in the King mythology and they are keeping it interesting by maintaining the character focus. That focus is helping to drive the suspense and drama and keeping the viewer interested in not only the main mystery of the series, but also the character-driven mysteries as well. Molly Strand’s plot line seems to be just getting started, but her connection to Henry makes her story intriguing.


There are so many different types of stories being told in this episode and all of them are given time to grow and manifest. I never felt like one story was not as important because the writing is doing a great job of connecting them to each other through character. Definitely worth the watch.

Castle Rock S01XE02




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