Captain Marvel Annual #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Torunn Gronbekk

Art by Carlos Gomez

Colors by Dijjo Lima

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Carol lands in prison and must rescue some old friends from a familiar threat.

Answering a call for help from deep space, Carol travels to an alien world in order to get herself arrested and put in prison. A prison that runs the entire civilization of the planet. A prison that is also holding her old friends the Starjammers. She also discovers who sent for her and together, they all must find a way to escape from the planet.

Unfortunately, the defenses on the planet are formidable and with it ingrained in the system, there are very few people who want to leave. Carol and the others discover not only what awaits anyone who tries to escape, but their escape will also lead them to a hostile Kree force waiting to take one of them out forever.

The Story: Gronbekk creates an entertaining and often fun story in this annual. The story has a great pace, fun and engaging characters and some great moments that have a level of profundity that transcend the story being told. There are some great surprises in the story as well and I like how Carol is utilized in relation to the Starjammers and the person she came to rescue.

The Art: Gomez delivers some fantastic art in this issue. The visual style is perfect for this story and the characters. There are some great action beats in the story and every page is filled with gorgeous details.

Captain Marvel Annual #1



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